Our goal is to support the development of sport and a healthy lifestyle.

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Diagnostic Centre Sports Diagnostix is located in Hotel***PODIUM .


About the Centre

Welcome to Centrum Diagnostyki Sportowej “Diagnostix” sports diagnostics centre at the Hotel Podium*** in Wisła.
Our goal is to support the development of a fit and healthy lifestyle.
We offer comprehensive diagnostic tests performed with the advanced equipment. Systematic tests carried out by “Diagnostix” are the basis to plan and evaluate trainings among others for JBG-2 Professional Team cycling group, including Piotr Brzózka, contestant at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
In addition to professional athletes, our state-of-the-art performance testing laboratory welcomes amateur athletes as well as sports clubs and associations competitors. Our offer is also targeted at everyone who is determined to lose weight effectively, to those who enjoy sport for health and wish to check their current performance.

We would like to cooperate both with individual customers as well as organised groups, who can benefit from our special offering.
There is a possibility to conduct tests outdoors using our equipment. The location of our centre guarantees perfect conditions to carry out all types of outdoor performance testing. Hotel Podium*** with our Centrum Diagnostyki Sportowej provides accommodation for organised groups of up to 44 people. This makes for a perfect opportunity to conduct group training sessions of all sport disciplines while simultaneously controlling their progress.
We are open to cooperation with any fitness centre, sports club or other organisations that might find diagnostic testing beneficial. Our products are also aimed at doctors, trainers and sport instructors who are interested in cooperation.

Centrum Diagnostyki Sportowej “Diagnostix” has been adjusted to carry out performance testing in line with the standards applied by the German company CORTEX Biophysik GmbH. The Diagnostix team has participated in a “CPET & Evaluation training” confirmed with certificates.


About the CentreAbout the Centre


About the Centre



Centrum Diagnostyki Sportowej

Hotel***Podium , II piętro

oś.Bajcary 13

43-460 Wisła - Malinka

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